The Versatility of See Too Hoi Siang [Cat. 1 Tickets]

25 May 2013 (Sat) 7:15PM @ Drama Centre

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This show is presented to mark the celebration of See Too Hoi Siang's 37 years of performing Cantonese Opera. See Too, top disciple of Chinese Opera doyen Joanna Wong, started to learn Cantonese Opera under her at the age of 15; and since then, See Too has been continuously and actively involved in promoting this artform. So far, throughout her 37 years of performing Cantonese Opera, See Too has put up no less than 2,000 performances at home and in more than 16 countries abroad. She has also performed in several renowned international arts festivals, including the Edinburgh Festival, the China Shanghai International Arts Festival, the Budapest Festival, the Festival of World Cultures in Ireland, and the International Theatre Arts Festival in Ukraine where Chinese Opera "Intrigues In The Qing Imperial Court" In English in which she starred, won the coveted "Successful Modernisation Of Traditional Theatre Award".

A homegrown Chinese Opera artist, See Too quit her job in an American firm in 1998 to join Chinese Theatre Circle as a full-time artist in order to pursue her passion. Today, she is the Deputy Chairman (Operations) cum lead actress of Chinese Theatre Circle (CTC). In 2000, she went on a performance tour round the world with CTC, starting in Brazil, then France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, United States of America, and ending in China. An icon in the Chinese Opera circle, See Too won "The Outstanding Young Person In Singapore Award" in 2000 followed immediately by clinching the prestigious "The Outstanding Young Person In The World Award" for cultural achievement. She is the only Chinese Opera actress to have won this prestigious global award. She has certainly done Singapore proud!

The programme for the evening is specially tailored to showcase her versatility as a Chinese Opera actress capable of performing both the civil and military roles with equal competence. A colourful and spectacular traditional Cantonese Opera excerpt "Fanfare To A Princess" with a cast of forty will kick off the programme wherein See Too will perform with "bound feet" ( a traditional skill seldom seen on stage today) as a chariot driver sending the Princess, played by her mentor Joanna Wong (who will also perform with "bound feet") back to her kingdom. After this excerpt, See Too will perform another three excerpts taken from famous full-length operas, viz, "Feigned Insanity" from "Reincarnation Of A Beauty", "Punishment For Infidelity" from "When The Lioness Roars", and "A Timely Rescue" from "Rise Of The Song Dynasty". To mark this special occasion, See Too will lead a dance choreographed by Joanna Wong, featuring thirty local and China artists. The dance is based on a classical verse written by Leslie Wong extolling See Too's perseverance through her opera journey, and accompanied by music composed and arranged by Cantonese music maestro Mr Bu Can Rong from China. To enhance the success of this show, eighteen acrobat artists from the renowned China Guangzhou Hong Dow Cantonese Opera Troupe have been engaged to perform with See Too under the direction of local martial art instructor Mr Choy Yien Chow.

This is definitely an unprecedented local Cantonese Opera show not to be missed!

There will be subtitles in both Chinese and English

Sat May 25, 2013
7:15 PM - 10:15 PM SGT
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